I’ll Save You Lucy ! Cries Dumbo HER BROTHER, page 4

I’ll Save You Lucy.

Magic Cookies put the zoo staff to sleep.Dumbo flies to his sister’s aid. He can’t stand her heartbreak and flies to meet her.<a href="https://barbaragreenemannandlucy.files.wordpress.com

https://barbaragreenemannandlucy.files.wordpress.com/2013/07/1-dsc074491.jpg?w=584 This is when Lucy arrives at the sanctuary, but she’e not there yet. Busy shoveliong snow, she must remain to work? Is this why they won’t let her go?
Hasn’t used treadmill enough to = costs? Keeping business alive? replace with 3d humongous movie about elephant love. Then kids can wear costumes and play around.

Lucy arrived at the sanctuary and after she freshened up, she joined the herd. Walking backwards, she reached the line and they moved apart, opening a spot for Lucy. Welcome home!


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