Niagara Falls/ I Do, I Do, I do


I went to Niagara Falls with my family when I was 12; I forgot how much fun it was.
I saw a documentary on TV and the story I have to tell was not like the one told on the “Travel to Niagara blog”.com. Where are the Indians? The movie starts out with the Indian lady staring in awe, because the natives thought Niagara was so beautiful; it became a sacred spot. They could sell their wares to the tourists.But with the onslaught of tight rope walkers tiptoeing across, the maid of the Mist bringing tourists close to the falls spraying mist into their hair, and the stairs climbing up to the falls, through natural tunnels put an end to that. Everyone wore yellow raincoats, making me think these were the french little girl nuns coats from a child’s livre, I once read.
Once again the Indians were moved out as the large power companies brought electrifried fences and huge barking dogs ferociously snapping.Even scaring away the ghosts of the forefathers. I ‘m not sure what happened but the land was owned by the big companies,although it once belonged to the natives. The companies harnessed the water, allowing only only 1/4 of it to flow over. I’m not sure about the rest or where it went to but I put some in buckets, just because I was a helpful child. I believe if there was a long extension cord people could bring the power into their homes, but all I know is that I still receive a monthly electric bill.

That was years ago, so I think the cost was negligible even then and now. The places to see were just as looming and fabulous as the Falls. The wax museum, Ripley’s and Madame Tussaud’s were awesome and I still have fond memories of the place. Daffy, taffy and smells of mildew.

They say it’s the honey moon capital of the world as the water splashing produces extra, indeed, Lots MORE OXYGEN, making you dizzy.  When I was there I got married twice in one afternoon. I kept both plastic rings,  I don’t think they expected them back. Too bad what did they expect, I was only 12.

It certainly is a 5 stars out of 5 star place to go.


barbara greene mann
July 2013
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