I knew you were out there. Inspiration, a hand to hold

when tears fall , a moment of cheer and someone to tell it too. Well my first blogger liked my post and gave her e-mail and I am thrilled.   I have had twitterers of the finest biggest hearts, tell me if you like animals and want to protect them we are behind you. But why was this different?i know her a bit better.  I used to live in Florida too. 

Pretend this is my first newsletter and before I bring you up to date, I am very proud of my gorilla pictures which I finished this week. I drew them about a month ago but they needed an environment. Saatchionline, rejected them cuz they didn’t like my cropping. Actually how cool to find the graph paper, which I found in my dad’s office at home and we discovered he was a gambler and grapheded something, I took it as a memory, only 4 pages survived and 4 drawings. 

I’m researching Lucy’s trunk surgery and I feel a bit like her since I ‘ve had lung cancer twice, which isn’t fare as too much time in OR, both R and L. but my job isn’t done . So I know how lucy feels but it’s harder to breath in the cold and when she’s relaxed with her elephant friends she’ll be so Happy. Did you read the part in the zoo’s letter, “lucy is unique, she’a people’s elephant.” And we are elephant’s people and  have two legs. How did Lucy tell her, sign language? 

Well the final spade in the whole is Putin, she’s Russian yes, rushing to get out of there.




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