To Gila, Million Gracious Thanks, you are Truly Magnanimous

I saw your e-mail and thought oh, I should have gotten in touch with you. I was delinquent. Even though I love to show new my things, I haven’t entered any shows: money. Then I read the poster; I saw my name. And your words, I was in shock. Your truly selfless graciousness took me by surprise. I was in an Art Exhibition.
Not only was I happy to be seen in a show with you but this was a chance for the world know about you,a superlative ungreedy human being.
Oh my Goodness I wrote about me when I thanked you. The whole Event was because of YOU. I was blinded by my whimpering ego instead of the amazingness of you GILA PARIS.

Gila had a dream and she created it. She wanted to promote art and artists from all over the world. Good artists she pushed to greatness. She wanted communication between artists and she gave us tips to do it. She teamed with a man and together they created an exhibition that addressed real world concerns. Leaders from all over Europe meet to address the growing poverty in these counties. The theme was serious and the artists role to produce work that could open the world’s eyes and find solutions was indeed a challenging call. My soul was awakened to the possibilities and role of the importance that content and purpose would present. I began to write at this time, and intensified my attack on the harsh cruelty and equality present in a world across the ocean that I knew nothing about.
I say this to the art world that is the norm today. Gila did not turn me away when I told her I didn’t have the money to enter.  She didn’t know me, only through my art, and yet she provided me with an opportunity. When Gila Paris states she wants to promote artists, she wants the world to see memorable works and to know art, she means it. She puts to shame all the galleries, shows, exhibits that deny the submission of work that could maybe change someone’s view or awaken a thought, a memory of emerging compassion in a viewer. Money too has become the medium in a world where it supposedly didn’t matter. A world that knows quite well about the starving artist, remember these guys? Gauguin, Van Gogh, the Parisian groups, they all struggled. I must have slept through a pay out, or missed the list of benefactors who cared. Now young, emerging, new graduates, under 30, are the keywords. Of course I realize equality across the board, cancer for all?

This is what puts this Curator on top. Because I didn’t even submit. My art was still in Luxembourg because I couldn’t afford to get it home. The same as my art is in Detroit after a recent show.
Gila Paris’ love and support shines. I am truly grateful to her. My work was juried and I was in that show in Europe in a castle.

Now I must tell you that Gila is not a singular voice because in all of my years of writing letters to explain my circumstances that tell of my life as an artist bag lady,in addition to the death threat of lung, twice, cancer with only a 15% survival rate only one other gallery passed on the fee. It was A.I.R. gallery in New York. They said if the fee was a hardship, they would not be insistent. This was very hard to ask and only a rare request. That painting for the show was in memory for the women who died in the triangle textile factory fire and most people have never heard of it. I was inspired.

So the words galleries spew out such as in pursuit of emerging talent, artists show your work to the world, a free chance to fame, look a bit further than the wallet, if only you can see that far.


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