Lucy the Edmonton captive, cold weather affects animals born in other temperature zones.a href=”” style=”font:on:underline;”>best sellers – animal protection prints10pt arial;text-decorati

Our country, nor our the society we built out of it can be healthy until we stop ignoring the truth. Learn to be quiet and acquire the sense not of ownership but of belonging … Only in the act of submission is the sense of place realized and a sustainable relationship between people and earth established.” Lucy holding up signs, so lonely, her sense of place among her own kind, painting with her stuffed up trunk around the brush appears to be only sustainable to the zoo. Just look at the relationship of the people of Edmonton and the earth. Even dog owners put boots on their dogs feet.Look at how she holds the signs, does this contribute to the blockage in her nose? Look at this relationship between the people of Edmonton and the earth. Your shallow righteousness sickens me.

Welcome to The Elephant Charter

In my ongoing research this sit offers the advice and commentaries of the most renowned researchers who promote the best informed the survival and well being of elephants. exacerbated by misguided public policy. Misguided public policy describes the Edmonton valley Zoo to a T.

Elephants as a species and as individuals have an intrinsic right to exist. We have an obligation to protect elephants and their habitats and to ensure their well being and continued survival in the face of human exploitation, encroachment and interference. 


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