Heros: Eco Rage and Rhino

ArtRage and Rhino Heros
I woke up and called Rhino hero. What are we waiting for? 200 girls, a piece of flesh to these men, intelligence, spirit, a miracle to unfold, and that evil piece of.. . NEVERMIND. go! a coat of bullet proof artist acrylic death protection for all warriors, paratroopers from International Club Med, trillions of biker heros, like on Facebook, Catherine Anne Clark gives 24 hr. emergency empowerment counseling to the girls and that’s that.
Detroit’s black,white, pink Panthers update bad guys. Does anyone need a refresher course? I didn’t think so.

Does your country, business, wife, children need a solution ? Consult: Barb Mann Eco Art Rage
This just came in, a letter from the zoo. I think they protest too much. Something fishy must be going on. Citizens and lovers and friends of Lucy , I am on the case.


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