Yes I did it . Finally I made a button

the Deflector

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please help Lucy and me

I went to another bloggers site, since I took Blogging 101 and was told to do this, to meet other bloggers and sure enuff, I’ve learned quite a bit. I already know what I’m thinking so I might as well learn what someone else is.Startling stuff I can come up with.
Well a ballet dancer asked or wanted to compare ballet dancing as distinguishable from athletics. I told him I had seen Nureyev in the Magic Flute when I was a kid, late teens and he did a leap across the stage that was an unbelievable Ripley’s Believe It or Not. And I thought wow, a miracle. Then I went to a football game in Philly and when the quarterback threw a pass, I thought aw oh an injury, a total piled up smash. That’s how these two resonated to me.
I also drew some paintings of handsome Nureyev telling his GF he’ll never forget her, and another of dancers dancing from island to island to see the world. Then an ode of thanks to ballet dancer’s feet, a poem and painting.
I drew a lot and got to fat to dance, but in spite of everything, I’ll never hand in my tutu.
I’ll find and post this week.


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