Career Posting: Edmonton Valley Z00.Respond, ASAP to Wiser Behind the Ears ncreased anxiety Lucy? ” You bet ” she, replied. A Solution !

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400O BIKERS ARE ANIMAL PROTECTORS. WAIT until I tell them about Stupid Greedy Edmonton. They will soon find out about the Hell's Angles.

I’m Working hard Lucy, just need more money, expert testimony, who do you think would do it free,? Like me., I do it from love. My mother said why do you cry doesn't care. I tell her someone has to care, I do and know Lucy misses and pines for another lifw knows unhappiness, like the Jews in the concentration camps, not much she can do. Electric stun gun, bet she remembers that. When she dies she gets out.

New video, Lucy is rocking in her cell all night long. ff when her keepers go home until they come back,an observation from the man in charge of the zoo. Now if they were really her herd they would have heard this and not leave her alone. And the zoo has the nerve to speak of her care as the best.

I'm starting a petition to get  someone to sleep with her. I saw this on a documentary that each baby elephant has a keeper that loves the elephant and stays with the baby night and day. On his day off the elephant whisperer says he has to call and find out how the kids are and of course the baby's second favorite, takes over for him.

If the zoo can turn down $400,000 it can afford to pay for a night watchman and he, like a day job cannot be on the phone or watch TV because job duties which include singing Lucy's favorite songs, to decrease her anxiety, and should take a valium , prescribed  by the zoo's vet if this is too much for them.

And that's my truth.


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