What is destroying our judgement? Is Neuroscience the culprit?

This is exactly what I find has happened to the Edmonton Valley Zoo and their self righteous , idiot determination to keep this elephant and the tag along masses supporting them.

Journal of Economic Literature How Neuroscience Can Inform Economics
Vol. XLIII (March 2005), pp. 9–64 This article discusses many implications, such as money increases peoples’ desires to do something and therefore determines what. Too long for me.
Three Pond Brain is the website that posts these debatable suspicions, One scholar forgives these theories as prescientific, and so speculative in the extreme.
It sounded good to me as I watch the news. Hey, War is always something to do and perhaps easier than debate. Whatever we call it or use as an explanation it’s evident to me, some folks don’t take in the whole picture.
Leave a comment, let’s see what the consensus is.


Three Pound Brain

Want evidence of the Semantic Apocalypse? Look no further than your classroom.

As the etiology of more and more cognitive and behavioural ‘deficits’ is mapped, more and more of what once belonged to the realm of ‘character’ is being delivered to the domain of the ‘medical.’ This is why professors and educators more generally find themselves institutionally obliged to make more and more ‘accommodations,’ as well as why they find their once personal relations with students becoming ever more legalistic, ever more structured to maximally deflect institutional responsibility. Educators relate with students in an environment that openly declares their institutional incompetence regarding medicalized matters, thus providing students with a failsafe means to circumvent their institutional authority. This short-circuit is brought about by the way mechanical, or medical, explanations of behaviour impact intuitive/traditional notions regarding responsibility. Once cognitive or behavioural deficits are redefined as ‘conditions,’ it becomes easy to argue that…

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