How many Canadians does it take to make an elephant happy?

I have followed the history of Lucy the elephant, who lives as a solitary elephant for over 35 years at the Edmonton Valley Zoo. Bob Barker, an animal activist, who in 2009 and 2013 came to Canada to plea for Lucy’s release to go to a sanctuary. He offered the zoo, $300,000 for the zoo and $100,000 for her transport to go and live with other elephants.The zoo refused.
A letter from the Edmonton zoo, states that they are within the law, as decided by the Supreme court. I don’t think so but please read it for yourself://

In 1976 she arrived,as an orphan, bonding with zoo keepers, who declare they are Lucy’s family. The zoo maintains Lucy doesn’t need other elephants; she is a “unique people’s elephant.”No one is challenging the dedication of her keepers, or their care.

Today we see photographs of elephant’s hugging, joy being in the herd.They recognize memories of past ancestors, and live in a strong matriarchal society. A bond with humans, no matter how strong, can be a justification for keeping an intelligent social animal isolated from its own kind, especially in an unnatural climate.

Why does the zoo refuse $400,000, and Lucy’s opportunity to return to be with other elephants after 38 years?

The zoo’s vet said she’s not overweight. Her trunk is clogged but not as bad, have they reduced the number of hours she holds up signs? In a photograph there is a bump in her trunk, just above where she holds the signs. Could this be a work related injury? They haven’t done anything about it.

the zoo keep refusing? They could up date the environmental conditions in the zoo per a PETA report.

A Video on (U tube)shows Lucy rocking back and forth in her cell. Supervisor, Dean Treichel, said that Lucy demonstrates “anticipatory behavior while she waits for her herd (keepers) to show up”. The constant companionship of other elephants would spare Lucy the anxiety. Although with the zoos overabundance of money, I think they should hire a night man who could sing and comfort Lucy.

Still $400,000, perhaps Lucy is making extra income, selling paintings. No I only sell 2 or so a year and I’ve painted for over 40 years. Perhaps I should hold up signs in an elephant’s outfit. I believe they are profiteering off of poor Lucy. After 35 years it would be an humanitarian act to let her go; however, it brings to mind the girl whos was held captive and escaped a year ago. She’s much happier.

So many Canadians would like to see Lucy leave but what do they do? Or is it just the usual talk, oh we hate war, kidnapping 270 children, sugar, fat people, not out loud. I can go on.

How many Canadians does it take to fight a zoo and bring happiness to a suffering elephant?
Barbara Greene Mann “Oh My God.I just saw the slideshow of Lucy, the Proud, Canadian Elephant. Turn in your resident card Lucy.
Five minutes until your Painting demonstration.
Too bad, tonight you have a curling match.

The more I learn,
I am sickened.


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