A Home is Not A Home without a Newfie Dog

The boys saved 29 men when the ship went down.

The boys saved 22 men when the ship went dow

Norton, Grandpa’s Newfie dog died Grandpa looked destroyed as he cried and cried.
He said he had a whole in his soul
That wouldn’t fill in or let go
After two tear filled days he jumped into his truck
No good by but we wished him good luck
For two days he didn’t come back, no cell phone to call
But when he returned he said it all
There were two black hairy bundles one in each arm
That’s even better than one lucky charm
He came home with Norton 2 and 3
He swore they brought happiness to every family
He said a family ain’t blessed with joy
Unless he’s got a slobbery big Norton boy.
Grandpa made us take an oath that we’d all own
A Norton newfie dog to bless our home
Grandpa’s marine ship set sail in a hazy fog
As it thickened none could see what is soon to be
Except for the courageous Newfie Norton dog

One night the Nortons sleeping, dreaming vividly
Number 2 raised his head listening intently
He heard someone scream silently
Roused waking Norton number 3

Into the water knowing what to do
Floundering arms and legs ,numbering twenty two
Grab, pull with neer a sound
A flash illumination, men dumped in a mound
Loudly barking as they ran  to the station
The police following in lively animation
Laying there barely alive, but safe on the ground
Exhausted Norton Two and Three, True Heroes,None better to be found.
A family ain’t a family without a dog, a Newfie
Bringing joy and happiness, take it from me
Grandpa knew the best way to be
Now we’re up to Norton 53
barbara greene mann 2014

The boys know; they'd drag a stewed Gramps home but not his  mates. Hey we need our  sleep .

The boys know; they’d drag a stewed Gramps home but not his mates. Hey we need our sleep .


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