Camel Jockeys ? What will They Think of Next? Hard to Say, Hard to Stay Ahead of this Game

Kidnapped by friends, family, sold, no one came willingly were boys, 3 or 4 years old. They had to weigh no more than 40 pounds; therefore, they were given little food or water. One family hired a man to find a child: he found him and went to the authorities. A bold spokesperson, no less, that all the boys were sent home to their families. Some boys were so young when taken that 4 years later, they didn’t know where they came. The government made large settlements to the boys families for education and medical treatment. One family told their son he didn’t need treatment as his life was half over. They bought land. Some of the boys interviewed said they saw a camel run the wrong way and two boys were beheaded. Many had severe problems as surgical treatment had not been provided. A fire in a plastic tent left some of the boys with severe burns. Needless to say the boys suffered and were left with terrible memories.
Robots are the new jockeys. This is one road in history that should dead-end right here.


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