Lucy’s New Gallery! Should I give up? living in poverty, losing my mental health, crying all the time. No , a voice in the wind “Carry On, They will follow.”

I truly admire your courage following me here.

I cry and cry over Lucy and gorillas, losing their hands and feet, and elephants losing their faces, and stolen young girls losing their parents, their virginity, rhinos their horns and so on.

Old age pension is a picnic with no lunch.

Sooner or later I may have to go elsewhere. No other offers so I stay,

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Welcome Home Lucy, We've Been Waiting for You. But it's not true.

Welcome Home Lucy, We’ve Been Waiting for You. But it’s not true.


Comrades, groups, elephant lovers, zoo haters, artists competing with animal talent, anti-circus folks, let’s see, oh I love this phrase, let’s do the Math. In 2009 I began my fight for Lucy’s acquittal and five years have flown by, what’s happened?

I bring my empathetic,compassionate followers, tons of researched posts from specialists,from the top qualified people.

I know you are intelligent readers and smart or you wouldn’t be here.

So in the words of Lenny Bruce, Help me, Get this Fucking Elephant out of that Fucking Zoo.

the Deflector

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please help Lucy and me I would like to make a book about Lucy’s Fight: her Story needs to be Told. So please donate whatever and help us continue this fight against inhumane creatures who cannot fight for themselves.


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