A New Review of the Zoo: Don’t Send your Mother ! Lucy’s Bones and Remains Will Be Sent to Sanctuary.

Lucy we only want the best for US and its cheaper, when you weigh less,  a bag of bones. You wont know, but we will be happy saving money.

Lucy we only want the best for US and its cheaper, when you weigh less, a bag of bones. You won’t know, but we will be happy saving money.

To The Edmonton Valley Zoo:

Quit keeping elephants in Edmonton because of the weather. Do you believe she is used to it? Year round with vast changes in temperature and she wears the same covering, don’t be so stupid. She was made in ASIA.!

Detroit’s elephants died last week from complications of battling the cold. Concrete floors added to her feet problems.

Ask them, they know more than you.

Give Her a Chance to enjoy what’s left of her life.

You can look at National Geographic, productions like BBC’s Planet Earth, movies, YouTube, National Parks, wilderness safari’s, and virtual reality. She can’t, put end to slavery, equal rights for women and for minority groups and pitiful menagerie zoos.


The Zoo demonstrates increasingly Insane Behavior. They wouldn’t let Lucy Accept a hand made Coat Made for Her to Battle Edmonton’s Brutal Weather.

Lucy’s mom had to cry to give her a drop of waterLucy's mom had to cry to give her a drop of wa ter

Sorry Debi but Edmonton has got to go,they not like any Canadian city, I ‘ve heard of.

1. They’re mean to animals

2. They think only how much they’ll miss her .  Too bad, How sad.

Mental Health treatment will take of their wounded souls.

Yes of course you can help pick the treatment.staff , for example, Gordie Howe.

3. They locked her out of the barn. O.K. They only shut the door  and make her stand in snow past her knees and it was cold.  (I always wondered how my mom thought of the same thing).

Oh Lucy, Dr. Charisma and the world pressers are sending golden thoughts to you.

Lucy is being brave  bu it’s been six years since Bob Barker came  and she is still waiting to see her friends.  So go ahead and cry, baby, cry, and make the zoo a sheet of ice.  Broken legs for Valentine’s  Day to the  loving  Attendants.

“I have a stun gun and I’ll use it on you if you don’t put that cattle prod away, Lucy spoke softly.   No, she said, I believe violence can’t be used to fight violence but equal paybacks, almost sounds like democracy.”`

Edmonton Valley Zoo comes in Second on the Worst Zoo List in the World. Oh Canada!

My Room is nothing Compared to Lucys

My Room is nothing Compared to Lucy’s

2. Edmonton Valley Zoo (Edmonton, Canada)—Can You Hear Me Now? Four times Edmonton Valley Zoo made the list and now we proudly stand as the second worst zoo in the world. Oh Canada


What more can we say about the Edmonton Valley Zoo’s stubborn refusal to do right by Lucy? This profoundly social female Asian elephant has lived alone for thirtysix long years in the zoo’s tiny enclosure, locked away for much of the year due to Alberta’s bitterly cold climate. Neither worldwide furor over Lucy’s cruel confinement, or the sound decisions by two other Canadian zoos to send their elephants to warmer climates, has moved zoo or Edmonton officials to move toward meeting Lucy’s social and physical needs. Lucy suffers from chronic arthritis and foot problems, displays abnormal stereotypic behavior, and is managed with an outdated circus-style method using bullhooks. Further, the zoo refuses to allow an independent veterinarian to examine Lucy, and CAZA—the zoo’s accrediting body—won’t stand up for her. Lucy’s only hope now hinges on whether new city councillors show reason and compassion for her.

The Edmonton Valley Zoo appears for the fourth time on IDA’s list.

A New Petition for Lucy. No Comments. No Box, Come on People

Lucy is so Canadian she’s taken up curling. Atta’ Girl, Lucy Well she tries , sweeping isn’t really her thing, too much like housework, not an elephant activity

Lucy is so Canadian she's taken up curling. Atta' Girl, Lucy

We, as humans, need to protect the sustainable relationship between people and creatures of the earth. Look, Lucy holding up signs, so lonely, her sense of place among her own kind disrespected, painting with her stuffed up trunk around the brush appears to be only sustainable to the zoo. Just look at the relationship of the people of Edmonton and the earth. Even dog owners put boots on their dogs feet in the cold.. Elephants need to be in warm climates with their own kind. They have an instinctive need to be free, wander together, play, not rocking, distressed, alone in a cement cubicle, waiting anxiously for the keepers.

Poor Lucy. Read and pretend you understand the revolutionary insights of scientists, elephant societies, the Canadian people, who are ashamed that you hold your old concepts to be true. Shame on you, Zoo, even Peta told you. You just want to be right, and too many think you are wrong. $400,000 from Bob Barker to stuff into your greedy pockets and you won’t allow this elephant happiness. Is Edmonton really a part of my Canada?

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A Home is Not A Home without a Newfie Dog

The boys saved 29 men when the ship went down.

The boys saved 22 men when the ship went dow

Norton, Grandpa’s Newfie dog died Grandpa looked destroyed as he cried and cried.
He said he had a whole in his soul
That wouldn’t fill in or let go
After two tear filled days he jumped into his truck
No good by but we wished him good luck
For two days he didn’t come back, no cell phone to call
But when he returned he said it all
There were two black hairy bundles one in each arm
That’s even better than one lucky charm
He came home with Norton 2 and 3
He swore they brought happiness to every family
He said a family ain’t blessed with joy
Unless he’s got a slobbery big Norton boy.
Grandpa made us take an oath that we’d all own
A Norton newfie dog to bless our home
Grandpa’s marine ship set sail in a hazy fog
As it thickened none could see what is soon to be
Except for the courageous Newfie Norton dog

One night the Nortons sleeping, dreaming vividly
Number 2 raised his head listening intently
He heard someone scream silently
Roused waking Norton number 3

Into the water knowing what to do
Floundering arms and legs ,numbering twenty two
Grab, pull with neer a sound
A flash illumination, men dumped in a mound
Loudly barking as they ran  to the station
The police following in lively animation
Laying there barely alive, but safe on the ground
Exhausted Norton Two and Three, True Heroes,None better to be found.
A family ain’t a family without a dog, a Newfie
Bringing joy and happiness, take it from me
Grandpa knew the best way to be
Now we’re up to Norton 53
barbara greene mann 2014

The boys know; they'd drag a stewed Gramps home but not his  mates. Hey we need our  sleep .

The boys know; they’d drag a stewed Gramps home but not his mates. Hey we need our sleep .

How many Canadians does it take to make an elephant happy?

I have followed the history of Lucy the elephant, who lives as a solitary elephant for over 35 years at the Edmonton Valley Zoo. Bob Barker, an animal activist, who in 2009 and 2013 came to Canada to plea for Lucy’s release to go to a sanctuary. He offered the zoo, $300,000 for the zoo and $100,000 for her transport to go and live with other elephants.The zoo refused.
A letter from the Edmonton zoo, states that they are within the law, as decided by the Supreme court. I don’t think so but please read it for yourself://wp.me/p3LXqX-2m

In 1976 she arrived,as an orphan, bonding with zoo keepers, who declare they are Lucy’s family. The zoo maintains Lucy doesn’t need other elephants; she is a “unique people’s elephant.”No one is challenging the dedication of her keepers, or their care.

Today we see photographs of elephant’s hugging, joy being in the herd.They recognize memories of past ancestors, and live in a strong matriarchal society. A bond with humans, no matter how strong, can be a justification for keeping an intelligent social animal isolated from its own kind, especially in an unnatural climate.

Why does the zoo refuse $400,000, and Lucy’s opportunity to return to be with other elephants after 38 years?

The zoo’s vet said she’s not overweight. Her trunk is clogged but not as bad, have they reduced the number of hours she holds up signs? In a photograph there is a bump in her trunk, just above where she holds the signs. Could this be a work related injury? They haven’t done anything about it.

the zoo keep refusing? They could up date the environmental conditions in the zoo per a PETA report.

A Video on (U tube)shows Lucy rocking back and forth in her cell. Supervisor, Dean Treichel, said that Lucy demonstrates “anticipatory behavior while she waits for her herd (keepers) to show up”. The constant companionship of other elephants would spare Lucy the anxiety. Although with the zoos overabundance of money, I think they should hire a night man who could sing and comfort Lucy.

Still $400,000, perhaps Lucy is making extra income, selling paintings. No I only sell 2 or so a year and I’ve painted for over 40 years. Perhaps I should hold up signs in an elephant’s outfit. I believe they are profiteering off of poor Lucy. After 35 years it would be an humanitarian act to let her go; however, it brings to mind the girl whos was held captive and escaped a year ago. She’s much happier.

So many Canadians would like to see Lucy leave but what do they do? Or is it just the usual talk, oh we hate war, kidnapping 270 children, sugar, fat people, not out loud. I can go on.

How many Canadians does it take to fight a zoo and bring happiness to a suffering elephant?
Barbara Greene Mann “Oh My God.I just saw the slideshow of Lucy, the Proud, Canadian Elephant. Turn in your resident card Lucy.
Five minutes until your Painting demonstration.
Too bad, tonight you have a curling match.

The more I learn,
I am sickened.