The Zoo demonstrates increasingly Insane Behavior. They wouldn’t let Lucy Accept a hand made Coat Made for Her to Battle Edmonton’s Brutal Weather.

Lucy’s mom had to cry to give her a drop of waterLucy's mom had to cry to give her a drop of wa ter

Sorry Debi but Edmonton has got to go,they not like any Canadian city, I ‘ve heard of.

1. They’re mean to animals

2. They think only how much they’ll miss her .  Too bad, How sad.

Mental Health treatment will take of their wounded souls.

Yes of course you can help pick the treatment.staff , for example, Gordie Howe.

3. They locked her out of the barn. O.K. They only shut the door  and make her stand in snow past her knees and it was cold.  (I always wondered how my mom thought of the same thing).

Oh Lucy, Dr. Charisma and the world pressers are sending golden thoughts to you.

Lucy is being brave  bu it’s been six years since Bob Barker came  and she is still waiting to see her friends.  So go ahead and cry, baby, cry, and make the zoo a sheet of ice.  Broken legs for Valentine’s  Day to the  loving  Attendants.

“I have a stun gun and I’ll use it on you if you don’t put that cattle prod away, Lucy spoke softly.   No, she said, I believe violence can’t be used to fight violence but equal paybacks, almost sounds like democracy.”`


To My Followers, however long we have this incredible blogging experience. Wow, I want to thank you.

please sign in with your Best, worst , duh, your website. Everyone is so clever these days.

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I was a Chinese painter 2, Chinese Jazz Singer and did I miss out?

One of 2 of the last remaining Chinese paintings. I made. acrylic 3 x 4 "ft. 400$

One of 2 of the last remaining Chinese paintings. I made. acrylic 3 x 4 “ft. 400$

I went to China a long time ago and when I came home I painted Chinese style paintings. I painted in this style for a year. This is one of two paintings remaining.  It’s for sale , 4 x 5″ acrylic. the colors are more intense since the pixels reduced themselves to 30. Contact me if you want to ask about it. $400. It is the place where gold flows from the faucet.

This painting below reminded me of that.
The man below is a singer, Japanese. I saw him perform at Musideum in Toronto. He sang, jumped up and down, writhed, writhed, and loved. I suppose he was tired because after 15 minutes he stood up and said he was finished and left. This watercolor is $150 and autographed by me and the musicians.

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and after I went to China I thought I was a Chinese artist. and after I went to China I thought I was a Chinese artist.

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Torch Singer

Her opening song was Born Free now it's Cry  A River

Her opening song was Born Free now it’s Cry me A River

Please help me and Lucy.

Lucy ripping my heart out, songs from her sets, excerpt from her diary, indignation , pain. This was all in the title . Does it belong here or there?  reply

Lucy’s New Gallery! Should I give up? living in poverty, losing my mental health, crying all the time. No , a voice in the wind “Carry On, They will follow.”

I truly admire your courage following me here.

I cry and cry over Lucy and gorillas, losing their hands and feet, and elephants losing their faces, and stolen young girls losing their parents, their virginity, rhinos their horns and so on.

Old age pension is a picnic with no lunch.

Sooner or later I may have to go elsewhere. No other offers so I stay,

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Welcome Home Lucy, We've Been Waiting for You. But it's not true.

Welcome Home Lucy, We’ve Been Waiting for You. But it’s not true.


Comrades, groups, elephant lovers, zoo haters, artists competing with animal talent, anti-circus folks, let’s see, oh I love this phrase, let’s do the Math. In 2009 I began my fight for Lucy’s acquittal and five years have flown by, what’s happened?

I bring my empathetic,compassionate followers, tons of researched posts from specialists,from the top qualified people.

I know you are intelligent readers and smart or you wouldn’t be here.

So in the words of Lenny Bruce, Help me, Get this Fucking Elephant out of that Fucking Zoo.

the Deflector

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please help Lucy and me I would like to make a book about Lucy’s Fight: her Story needs to be Told. So please donate whatever and help us continue this fight against inhumane creatures who cannot fight for themselves.

One Step Forward for Lucykind! Thank you

Although no one has ever heard of me and my blog about Lucy, aside from the bloggers, Writers, Bloggers from 101-201, who have read my posts and kept me inspired against the enumerable put downs, set backs about my on going fight for democracy and man’s appreciate insights about our actions and the world we live in.

Ms Mann do calm down. Yes Madam you have already raised the flag.