What is the Best Decision? What is the Right Decision? What is Your Decision? Yes Lucy I’m Talking to You.

Dear LucyNo fun, much anguish trying to  decide this matter.  We all want to do what's best for you.  But's that's got to be such a twisted way to put it. Oh No Lucy this discussion isn't over yet, toots.

Dear Lucy
Not much fun and too much anguish trying to get at the heart of the matter. We all want to do what’s best for you. But’s that’s got to be such a twisted way to put it. Oh no Lucy this discussion isn’t over yet, toots.





I made a decision once as the cards fell this way                     The swell of the land  determined the kay.                       Who figured what he had to say.
Unequivocally that was the turkey,The next screamed fowl play.
>No apologies could negotiate the harm done.
Their paths never  crossed  So no one  won.

The right thing to do came out all wrong.      A sparkling tune transforms to a song  Something was missing the  bridge was  gone         How could they  connect if they didn’t  Belong to the new town                                Tear after year he  wasn’t  around.           Her heart bleed Endlessly                     His could not be found.