The Zoo demonstrates increasingly Insane Behavior. They wouldn’t let Lucy Accept a hand made Coat Made for Her to Battle Edmonton’s Brutal Weather.

Lucy’s mom had to cry to give her a drop of waterLucy's mom had to cry to give her a drop of wa ter

Sorry Debi but Edmonton has got to go,they not like any Canadian city, I ‘ve heard of.

1. They’re mean to animals

2. They think only how much they’ll miss her .  Too bad, How sad.

Mental Health treatment will take of their wounded souls.

Yes of course you can help pick the treatment.staff , for example, Gordie Howe.

3. They locked her out of the barn. O.K. They only shut the door  and make her stand in snow past her knees and it was cold.  (I always wondered how my mom thought of the same thing).

Oh Lucy, Dr. Charisma and the world pressers are sending golden thoughts to you.

Lucy is being brave  bu it’s been six years since Bob Barker came  and she is still waiting to see her friends.  So go ahead and cry, baby, cry, and make the zoo a sheet of ice.  Broken legs for Valentine’s  Day to the  loving  Attendants.

“I have a stun gun and I’ll use it on you if you don’t put that cattle prod away, Lucy spoke softly.   No, she said, I believe violence can’t be used to fight violence but equal paybacks, almost sounds like democracy.”`


Peta Posts: Zoos are detrimental to students who visited and the Animals? No, YES! read this Edmonton.

New Study: Zoos Are Usually NOT Educational
PETA has long maintained that zoos are an idea whose time has come and gone, while zoos have claimed to provide valuable “conservation education.” However, a recent study in the United Kingdom found that visiting a zoo had no positive educational outcome on the majority of children and that, in many cases, the trip to the zoo even had a negative impact on children’s understanding of animals and their habitats. Holding animals captive in zoos is detrimental to the animals and a poor excuse for education.

Please don't visit me at the zoo, just write. Lucy knows she must follow Dumbo, her brother's lead. painting for sale$125

Please don’t visit me at the zoo, just write. Lucy knows she must follow Dumbo, her brother’s lead. painting for sale$125


Torch Singer

Her opening song was Born Free now it's Cry  A River

Her opening song was Born Free now it’s Cry me A River

Please help me and Lucy.

Lucy ripping my heart out, songs from her sets, excerpt from her diary, indignation , pain. This was all in the title . Does it belong here or there?  reply

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Please help me and Lucy.


I thank you with the delight of the Muses and Lucy’ trumpet will be heard throughout the Heavens.

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Nothing Justifies keeping Lucy from her Own Kind

A bond with humans, no matter how strong, cannot be a justification for keeping an  intelligent social animal isolated from her own kind, and, in an unnatural climate. No one is challenging the dedication of her keepers, or the level of care they deliver. However, it
should be noted that at 7:00pm, the end of the last keeper’s shift, Lucy is left alone in her stark surroundings. Supervisor, Dean Treichel, said that Lucy demonstrates “anticipatory      behavior while she waits for her herd (keepers) to show up”. The constant companionship of other elephants offered by sanctuaries, would spare Lucy the anxiety she experiences when her “herd’ abandons her every evening, and reassembles every mornin.

Just the Trick , The Elephant Surgeon Has Arrived

The Elephant Surgeon is Here: oopsFantastic, this may be just the thing for Lucy. As you may or may not nose, Lucy the Edmonton captive elephant has a trunk blog, scuse me a trunk clog, blocked . Obviously another elephant might be the only one to perform this exercism and she has arrived. But wait a minor error; this isn’t Lucy. Dr. Zimmerman could provide additional information and please hurry. Once again Dr. Gag proves there is an answer to everything.

Press Release: Lucy, the Elephant is Curling

The Zoo has Lucy Curling Now

Lucy is Curling. What a terrific elephant. Whatever they tell her to do , she does. She’s afraid her trainer who still carries the electric baton after all these years will buzz her in the old kazootie. Great insight to buy elephant feet stones. She knows she’s not the only elephant out there. How’s the petition coming.?