Lucy Makes Everyone Cry


Squeeze Lucy, Squeeze. No she says and after that night the poacher gave up his gun and follows Lucy holding her tail. So good to repent, he says.

 Lucy is so sweet she fell asleep when she should have been strangling the poacher and now instead, she's hugging him. Lucy says you can't fight violence with violence,

Lucy is so sweet she fell asleep when she should have been strangling the poacher and now instead, she’s hugging him. Lucy says you can’t fight violence with violence,

Lucy is a description of our modern society.
That is what needs changing.
The ability for humans to see Animals and Nature as a whole and a part of themselves – a form of bonding with earths living library. Not human supremacy and the death of nature in a quest for more strip malls and apps.


Oh your Mother Won’t let you Go? Lucy you’re 38.

Easy. oh you want a seat belt . don't worry.We Got It.

Easy. oh you want a seat belt . don’t worry.We Got It.

Torch Singer

Her opening song was Born Free now it's Cry  A River

Her opening song was Born Free now it’s Cry me A River

Please help me and Lucy.

Lucy ripping my heart out, songs from her sets, excerpt from her diary, indignation , pain. This was all in the title . Does it belong here or there?  reply

Lucy’s New Gallery! Should I give up? living in poverty, losing my mental health, crying all the time. No , a voice in the wind “Carry On, They will follow.”

I truly admire your courage following me here.

I cry and cry over Lucy and gorillas, losing their hands and feet, and elephants losing their faces, and stolen young girls losing their parents, their virginity, rhinos their horns and so on.

Old age pension is a picnic with no lunch.

Sooner or later I may have to go elsewhere. No other offers so I stay,

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Welcome Home Lucy, We've Been Waiting for You. But it's not true.

Welcome Home Lucy, We’ve Been Waiting for You. But it’s not true.


Comrades, groups, elephant lovers, zoo haters, artists competing with animal talent, anti-circus folks, let’s see, oh I love this phrase, let’s do the Math. In 2009 I began my fight for Lucy’s acquittal and five years have flown by, what’s happened?

I bring my empathetic,compassionate followers, tons of researched posts from specialists,from the top qualified people.

I know you are intelligent readers and smart or you wouldn’t be here.

So in the words of Lenny Bruce, Help me, Get this Fucking Elephant out of that Fucking Zoo.

the Deflector

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please help Lucy and me I would like to make a book about Lucy’s Fight: her Story needs to be Told. So please donate whatever and help us continue this fight against inhumane creatures who cannot fight for themselves.

Edmonton Valley Zoo comes in Second on the Worst Zoo List in the World. Oh Canada!

My Room is nothing Compared to Lucys

My Room is nothing Compared to Lucy’s

2. Edmonton Valley Zoo (Edmonton, Canada)—Can You Hear Me Now? Four times Edmonton Valley Zoo made the list and now we proudly stand as the second worst zoo in the world. Oh Canada


What more can we say about the Edmonton Valley Zoo’s stubborn refusal to do right by Lucy? This profoundly social female Asian elephant has lived alone for thirtysix long years in the zoo’s tiny enclosure, locked away for much of the year due to Alberta’s bitterly cold climate. Neither worldwide furor over Lucy’s cruel confinement, or the sound decisions by two other Canadian zoos to send their elephants to warmer climates, has moved zoo or Edmonton officials to move toward meeting Lucy’s social and physical needs. Lucy suffers from chronic arthritis and foot problems, displays abnormal stereotypic behavior, and is managed with an outdated circus-style method using bullhooks. Further, the zoo refuses to allow an independent veterinarian to examine Lucy, and CAZA—the zoo’s accrediting body—won’t stand up for her. Lucy’s only hope now hinges on whether new city councillors show reason and compassion for her.

The Edmonton Valley Zoo appears for the fourth time on IDA’s list.

A New Petition for Lucy. No Comments. No Box, Come on People

Lucy is so Canadian she’s taken up curling. Atta’ Girl, Lucy Well she tries , sweeping isn’t really her thing, too much like housework, not an elephant activity

Lucy is so Canadian she's taken up curling. Atta' Girl, Lucy

We, as humans, need to protect the sustainable relationship between people and creatures of the earth. Look, Lucy holding up signs, so lonely, her sense of place among her own kind disrespected, painting with her stuffed up trunk around the brush appears to be only sustainable to the zoo. Just look at the relationship of the people of Edmonton and the earth. Even dog owners put boots on their dogs feet in the cold.. Elephants need to be in warm climates with their own kind. They have an instinctive need to be free, wander together, play, not rocking, distressed, alone in a cement cubicle, waiting anxiously for the keepers.

Poor Lucy. Read and pretend you understand the revolutionary insights of scientists, elephant societies, the Canadian people, who are ashamed that you hold your old concepts to be true. Shame on you, Zoo, even Peta told you. You just want to be right, and too many think you are wrong. $400,000 from Bob Barker to stuff into your greedy pockets and you won’t allow this elephant happiness. Is Edmonton really a part of my Canada?

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Please help me and Lucy.


I thank you with the delight of the Muses and Lucy’ trumpet will be heard throughout the Heavens.

Whatever you wish to send would be so appreciated to help me support my work and research, to send Lucy to the sanctuary

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