What is the Best Decision? What is the Right Decision? What is Your Decision? Yes Lucy I’m Talking to You.

Dear LucyNo fun, much anguish trying to  decide this matter.  We all want to do what's best for you.  But's that's got to be such a twisted way to put it. Oh No Lucy this discussion isn't over yet, toots.

Dear Lucy
Not much fun and too much anguish trying to get at the heart of the matter. We all want to do what’s best for you. But’s that’s got to be such a twisted way to put it. Oh no Lucy this discussion isn’t over yet, toots.





I made a decision once as the cards fell this way                     The swell of the land  determined the kay.                       Who figured what he had to say.
Unequivocally that was the turkey,The next screamed fowl play.
>No apologies could negotiate the harm done.
Their paths never  crossed  So no one  won.

The right thing to do came out all wrong.      A sparkling tune transforms to a song  Something was missing the  bridge was  gone         How could they  connect if they didn’t  Belong to the new town                                Tear after year he  wasn’t  around.           Her heart bleed Endlessly                     His could not be found.


Is it really you? Will I ever know?

To Bill Gates : For your Information

Your comment is awaiting approval

Well Bill I think in 2015 you’d be interested in my conception of what the world has lost and it’s not in terms of concrete values. But rather the more pliable ones than make up the morale and inner characteristics of man and how these are molded. I am first- ly a visual artist, primarily is the correct word, but this too is another field of change and the writing came next. I suppose these are still free amusements I can use as this costly world saddles the creative venues I can access.
By the way I wonder if it’s really you Bill that reads this. Will I ever know?

Nothing Justifies keeping Lucy from her Own Kind

A bond with humans, no matter how strong, cannot be a justification for keeping an  intelligent social animal isolated from her own kind, and, in an unnatural climate. No one is challenging the dedication of her keepers, or the level of care they deliver. However, it
should be noted that at 7:00pm, the end of the last keeper’s shift, Lucy is left alone in her stark surroundings. Supervisor, Dean Treichel, said that Lucy demonstrates “anticipatory      behavior while she waits for her herd (keepers) to show up”. The constant companionship of other elephants offered by sanctuaries, would spare Lucy the anxiety she experiences when her “herd’ abandons her every evening, and reassembles every mornin.

Yes I did it . Finally I made a button

the Deflector

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I went to another bloggers site, since I took Blogging 101 and was told to do this, to meet other bloggers and sure enuff, I’ve learned quite a bit. I already know what I’m thinking so I might as well learn what someone else is.Startling stuff I can come up with.
Well a ballet dancer asked or wanted to compare ballet dancing as distinguishable from athletics. I told him I had seen Nureyev in the Magic Flute when I was a kid, late teens and he did a leap across the stage that was an unbelievable Ripley’s Believe It or Not. And I thought wow, a miracle. Then I went to a football game in Philly and when the quarterback threw a pass, I thought aw oh an injury, a total piled up smash. That’s how these two resonated to me.
I also drew some paintings of handsome Nureyev telling his GF he’ll never forget her, and another of dancers dancing from island to island to see the world. Then an ode of thanks to ballet dancer’s feet, a poem and painting.
I drew a lot and got to fat to dance, but in spite of everything, I’ll never hand in my tutu.
I’ll find and post this week.

Friends of Gorillas

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Only 800 Gorillas left.  Better Buy Now, $5 for hand or foot ashtray.